Making Your Systems Work For You

IT support for small and home businesses in Utah County. We also provide IT assistance for web content creators and local content creators

After working IT in the Non Profit sector in Utah County for 8 years I realized the needs and budgets of Non Profits can guide small and home businesses to get the most out of their technology. We now help our clients find the best solutions to meet their needs while showing them ones they never would have thought of.
Managed Service Provider
Office 365 Email Setup
Computer Repair
The heart of many small businesses is their servers. They make sure that users can get their files, use the software, connect to the network from home, and provide other key services that make your business run. We make sure they stay up and running so you don't need to worry about them.
The most important asset of many businesses is their staff. And having their workstation go down means time and money going down the drain. We want to make those issues as few and short as possible. We make sure the computers are happy and healthy so they run as quickly as they can so employees don't struggle to do their job.
From wired to WiFi businesses rely on networks to get their jobs done. Having that network be reliable and fast is a must. But times the universe decides that the network won't work that is where we come in to find out what went wrong and fix it as soon as possible.
With more and more advancements in what the cloud can do more and more companies are able to use it as their primary solutions for most their systems. With that comes a major learning curve that many small businesses decide not to take on. We want to make that curve more manageable.
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